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As an Ilait Partner you get access to a market leading portfolio of cloud computing and hosting services. With cutting-edge turnkey technology services to “build from the ground” or to tweak, tune and finalize your existing offer we’ve made it easy for you to become a shining star on your market!

By signing up you're not obliged to any costs or commitments! When you adopt and deploy services you’re not obliged to any start up fees or binding periods! Cloud computing at a glance.

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  2. When we receive your application we will attend to it and set up your partner account in less than 48 hours.
  3. Once you're accepted as a partner you'll receive an email with login credentials to our control panel where you immediately can start adopting, deploying and managing turnkey cloud computing and hosting services.

We are always available to take your call; please contact us if there’s anything you want to ask or discuss.

Join our network of successful partners and get started as an Ilait Partner today. We're looking forward working with you.

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